5 Fair Trade Accessories Brands to Pair with Tropic Bliss Clothing

When crafting the perfect outfit, it is essential to include accessories to finish the look. Think of it as the sauce on the sundae, already good but made just perfect with that extra touch. When creating an outfit you look good in, you also want to feel good about it. That is why we gathered 5 fair trade accessories brands that pair perfect with your Tropic Bliss clothes and more.

1.    Marquet Fair Trade

With gorgeous jewelry, scarves, and home décor, Marquet brings stunning goods at affordable prices with a great production history. Their goods are made by local craftsmen in Vietnam and Thailand and are hand curated with a personal element based on trust and relationship building. By giving these artisans a platform to sell, they are empowering them and enabling them to reach their potential on a larger market. The beaded, floating jewelry line is dainty yet colorful and adds the perfect lightweight element to any look.

2.    Huaywasi

By selling handmade items made directly in Peru, Huaywasi empowers women and artisans. Six women craft the beautiful accessories sold on their site and are paid fair wages and have their products ordered monthly for more financial stability. Artisans and other local women are also invited to attend educational seminars and workshops based around art, health, and business. The hand loomed bags are colorful yet stylish and work perfectly as a pop of color in neutral outfits.

3.    Macvilho

An artisan group of 7 women from Chiapas, Mexico, Macvilho makes hand woven textiles with Maya techniques from the wool they collect from sheep they raise. In addition to clothing, they make adorable bag charms and pom poms that are colorful and also all natural. As they sell their work globally on sites like The Little Market, they receive more work and are able to lead better lives.

4.    Vavavida

A fair trade and bohemian themed site, Vavavida supports artisans by carrying a variety of handmade goods, mostly crafted by women, from developing countries. After selling the goods, they invest part of the retail price back into fighting gender inequality. They are all about empowering women and their families to uplift communities, and some of their beautiful accessories include copper bracelets that are unique and truly stunning. The bangle set pairs well with a variety of looks and makes a difference in the lives of female artisans in India.

5.    Slate+Salt

Slate and Salt curates luxurious items that still embody the principles of fair trade. The pieces are one of a kind with a story that combines traditional techniques with modern designs. Being socially conscious in accessory purchasing allows the consumer to appreciate cultures while also supporting them and providing hope for the future. The pieces are always changing, but their leather bags are always a hit in unique earthy colors made with the highest quality craftsmanship while also being incredible stylish and durable.

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