5 Feel Good Shops for Seasonal Pieces

Your wardrobe is always in need of some new seasonal pieces that are staples to carry you from each year. These aren’t necessarily trendy pieces, but high-quality essentials you can hold on to. When doing your shopping for these must have items, why not feel good in the process? That’s why we rounded up five feel-good, ethical fashion shops with great pieces!

1.    Everlane Slingbacks

Slingback shoes are a great Spring piece to pair with cropped pants and jeans, and they also transition wonderfully into summer with a pair of cozy denim shorts or a flowing dress. The best part about these shoes is that they are flat, providing comfort, and easy to throw on, or take off if you want to feel the Spring grass between your toes. Everlane is an ethical production shop with an emphasis on factory relationships and customer transparency.

2.    People Tree Jumpsuits

If you aren’t about the dress life but love to be comfortable, a jumpsuit is the perfect piece to add as a wardrobe staple for the spring and summer months. People Tree sells a variety of 100% cotton jumpsuits that can be layered under light spring jackets or worn alone in their flowing glory. People Tree has a 20 year history of working in the Fair Trade industry and collaborating with local farmer’s, so you know your piece was made with heart.


3.    Reformation Linen

Reformation is a well-known brand with luxury sustainable fashion and often trendy pieces. Their new linen line is bright and seasonably appropriate and completely luxury. The luxury design and style doesn’t come with harm though, reformation gives a unique breakdown of how much water, carbon dioxide, and waste each piece on their site saves, so you know exactly the difference each piece makes in the larger eco-friendly movement.

4.    Groceries Apparel Activewear

With the weather warming up, you may feel more inclined to go outside for a run, or work a little harder to get your body toned for the summer bikini season. Groceries Apparel makes a variety of stylish activewear that is manufactured with 100% organic and recycled materials, made in the United States, and ethically produced with fair wages, They have stylish leggings, tees, and sports bras for men and women that are comfortable, chic, and efficient for their purpose.

5.    ABLE Bags

A new season calls for a new bag and ABLE purses are functional, ethical, and stylish. Their large totes are available in a variety of neutral and fun colors and priced fairly for the excellent craftsmanship they require. The bags are made in Mexico and Ethiopia with genuine leather, and they employ strong women at fair wages who have overcome struggles in their lives, putting their feminist brand motto into practice. ABLE also keeps practicality in mind with a variety of straps and loading the bags with pockets!



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