5 Places and Occasions to Rock Your Palazzo Pants

The palazzo pant is a major trend that is as versatile as it is stylish. Available in tons of solid colors and bold prints and made from breathable cotton, what more is there to love? While you may feel like the comfort these pants provides makes them only suitable for a casual environment, you can wear them to a variety of locations, events, and occasions with just a bit of creativity! Wardrobe mileage is the best, and you can definitely stretch your palazzo pants across many styles and moods for the perfect look. Here are 5 places to rock your pants, and styling ideas.

1. Festivals

Festival fashion is all about being heat friendly, embracing that bohemian and effortless vibe, and looking cute while doing it. The palazzo pant gives you all that, which makes them a practical choice for your festival styles. Pair a bold, patterned pair with a crochet knit crop top and some jewelry for a look that will keep you cool and stylish while you enjoy the festival culture.

festival clothes

2. The Office

Palazzo pants can totally work for the office if styled right! While the bold prints may be better for weekends, a black or brown pair will blend into the office environment while still looking sleek. Pair a solid pair with a button-down blouse, and blazer or other office appropriate jacket. Add on some heels for a polished look.

palazzo pants for the office

3. Vacation

That breezy vacation style is easily achieved with a pair of good flared pants that flow in the breeze. Imagine, throwing on your favorite pair of fun, wide legged pants over your bikini, wrapping an airy blouse on top, and choosing a pair of beautifully worn leather sandals and a weaved beach bag and hat. Not only will you be the most stylish on the beach, you’ll be able to easily transform the outfit into something more evening appropriate on vacation.

palazzo pants

4. Weekend Errands

Going to the mall? Grabbing brunch with friends? Whatever your weekend afternoon brings you, treat it with style that requires little effort to reach maximum impact. Nothing is easier than sliding into a pair of palazzo pants. Pair a solid pair with a fun, patterned tee, or go for a print like paisley and tuck in a simple tank top. Make either combination your own with a pair of sunglasses, a bag of your choosing, and some great jewelry.

summer palazzo pants

5. Evening Party

If you aren’t feeling the classic dress or skirt option for an evening party, give yourself room to dance in a bohemian pair of palazzo pants. A solid color like black will work better for conservative parties, and can be paired with a metallic or sequined top and heels. If you’re able to bring in some color, go for a bold red or blue color and pair with a silky blouse. The mixture of organic cotton and a classy fabric like silk or satin will elevate your evening look. With such a unique take on party style, your outfit will be the talk of the night.

elegant palazzo pants

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