5 Ways to Layer Without Looking Frumpy This Winter

Brrr! Winter is here, and things are chilling down fast. While winter brings beautiful white snow, it also brings blustery, cold weather. To stay warm, layering and bundling is key. With layering and coats often comes frumpiness. There’s nothing worse than coming up with the cutest outfit then covering it up with a coat and feeling like a marshmallow! Here are 5 tips to layer and stay warm while avoiding a piled on look. 

1. Teddy Coat

Putting a coat on top of an outfit can be painful, so why not make the coat part of your outfit! There are a variety of trendy jackets on the market right now, but a teddy jacket is a great piece to layer on top of some textured knits or a blouse. They usually are loose enough to fit layers underneath, and they come in great neutral colors like brown, cream, and tan that will match lots of outfits. In general, the coats are versatile and can be worn with edgy leather boots and leggings, or with more casual flare jeans.
Teddy Coat

2. Knit Accessories

Accessorizing doesn’t have to just be for style, it can have practical uses too! By adding some coordinating chunky knit items to your outfit, you will incorporate texture, and maybe more color, while adding warmth and layers. Go for a scarf, hat, and mittens, or trade in the hat for a knit headband with nicely curled hair for a youthful look. Scarves add a chunky and relaxed vibe to any look, and you can even choose to leave the scarf on when you escape the cold and go indoors. 
Knit Headband

3. Tights

Dresses don’t have to be pushed to the back of your closet just because it’s cold out, you just have to style them smart! Invest in a cute pair of sweater tights, or thick weaved tights, to put under your dresses and skirts. With a cardigan layered on top, you will look cozy and bohemian. Top it off with some boots and frilly boot socks.



4. Duster Cardigans

Duster cardigans are a new trend that can be a bit intimidating, but once you embrace it, you will find it to be rewarding, stylish, and warm! These long cardigans can be wrapped around and provide a lot of comfort, but they also can be styled to perfection. Layer with some palazzo pants like the ones pictured below and your favorite long sleeved tee for a comfortable, effortless look. Grab a pair of Tropic Bliss Palazzo pants here, at 10% off with the code ILOVEFAIRTRADE.

Tropic Bliss Organic Cotton Palazzos

5. Multiple Shirts

Layering two shirts doesn’t have to look frumpy anymore, it’s definitely a style if you do it right. Rather than the typical boxy tee over a long sleeved, try putting a lacy, boho baby doll tank over a fitted, long sleeve. This is a way you can wear your summer clothes in the coldest months and look cute and unique doing it.

layering tips


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