A Guide to Recycled Fashion

Start the new year by embracing a new consumption model, recycled fashion. We all have clothes in our closet that sit around rather than being worn. By recycling your old clothes, you are giving them new life by allowing other people to wear them while also minimizing waste and the impact of manufacturing new items. Even further, if you buy recycled clothing from others, you contribute to the cycle of eliminating waste and can find some true gems. Recycled clothing is something few people will have and will allow you to make a statement while limiting your waste footprint.

How To Buy

When seeking out recycled fashions, there are a few spots you can look in your hometown and on the internet. The best part about thrifting is that each town you look, you will find
Thrift stores and second hand consignment stores can be treasure troves if you have the patience to sift through all of the items inside. Be willing to look outside your size because often times, the items will not run true to size. Also, when you pick out pieces, try and envision how you can add it into your wardrobe with pieces already so you aren't just buying items to be stored in the back of your closet again.

Alternatively, if you have a more specific idea of what you are searching for, try resale apps like Poshmark and Ebay. These sites can be sorted by brand, style, and even color so your shopping experience can be a lot more efficient.

How To Style

Once you snag some new pieces, it is time to work on styling them. For some items, you can wear them in ways not intended for the piece. For example, a tee shirt can be transformed into a dress if it is a few sizes too large.

Another way to restyle items is to take a pair of denim that may not be the style you like and cut them into shorts or a mini skirt.

Being creative with your clothes allows you to tailor the look right to you, and do so on a budget.

How To Recycle

In addition to shopping for recycled fashions, recycling your own is also easy. You can gather up old clothing and take it to a consignment store to receive some money to go shopping with, or donate it to a local nonprofit thrift shop to feel better about giving back to the community.

Another way to sell items is to list them on reselling apps online. It is a relatively easy task, and you can then make money to turn around and use to sustain the recycled clothing economy. Check out this article on Babble.com for 6 Websites to Sell your Used Clothes.


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