A Natural Source of Healing

Healing Stones and Their Benefits

Ancient cultures have been passing on their knowledge about nature as a healing source for thousands of years. The hype around healing stones is real, and their benefits are just as real. The beautiful gemstones have properties that can help balance and center your life, as well as provide spiritual and physical benefits to the body and mind. Tropic Bliss’s new line of wrap bracelets features many gorgeous healing stones that can help lift your life up. Keep reading to see what benefits these stones provide, besides just a beautiful accessory!


Jade is a protective stone linked to the earth and heart, mediating the interactions between the heart systems and rest of the world. By helping the body filter and release toxins, this stone is helpful to balance fluids and detoxify the organs. The stone is also associated as the dream stone, bringing insightful dreams and harmony to your life while releasing the negativity. You also will be able to remember your dreams more clearly and interpret them into your life. With jade, serenity and stress-free health are possible.

Tiger’s Eye 

This beautiful, earthy stone brings together fire and earth, igniting integrity, courage, and power in the wearer. The stone releases toxins from the head and reproductive organs (as well as treats ailments specifically in the throat and eyes), and also is a powerful natural pain reliever. Mentally, mood-swings are calmed with Tiger’s Eye, and anxiety and fear are eliminated. Many say wearing Tiger’s Eye near a broken bone helps to stimulate repair.

Rose Quartz

The pink tone of Rose Quartz reflects love, for yourself, for others, and for life. Rose Quartz is great for circulation, encouraging the heart and glands to be active and healthy, creating a more invigorated feeling across the whole body. Those suffering from asthma, vertigo, and varicose veins also may find relief with this stone. Often associated as the heart stone, both physically and mentally you will find great improvements in the heart with Rose Quartz.


Connect to the earth and moon with Agate, a stone radiating love, longevity, acceptance, and good luck. The stone is known to rebalance and bring harmony to the mind and body, and this leads to greater mental focus and clarity. Wear this stone if you need to be on top of your game with concentration and analytical abilities. Also, this stone is known to cleanse your lymphatic system and strengthen the blood vessels, all leading to a strengthened perspective.

Tri-Colored Jade 

Tri-Colored Jade brings together the properties of many tones of Jade into an uplifting and meaningful stone with a variety of functions. In addition to protection and filtering toxins, this stone has some of the highest energy on the gem stone spectrum, healing emotional hurt. With strong life force, courage is instantly gifted to the wearer. Soothing the heart beat and even strengthening immunity, Tri-Colored Jade restores and heals in many ways.

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