5 Festivals You Don't Wanna Miss This Summer 2020

Friends, music, nature, good vibes - that’s what we want more of this summer! Festivals are the perfect place to celebrate the present moment, meet some lovely people and soak up good energy. Everyone knows the big names like Burning Man and Coachella, but they’re quite expensive. As a bohemian fashion brand we definitely love the style and arty scene of these events. That’s why we’ve collected 5 festivals with hippie vibes you should definitely not miss this summer

1. Symbioses (Argentina) - Global Eclipse Pathagonia Gathering http://symbiosisgathering.com/

image credits (https://globaleclipse.com/)

The two main points to describe this festival are community and art. It was started in 2005 to celebrate the solar eclipse and attracted more and more like minded people every year. This year Global Eclipse Patagonia Gathering is going to be loaded with music, art projects, educational workshops and opportunities to be inspired and nurture your soul.

2. Lightning In A Bottle (CA) https://lightninginabottle.org/ 

image credits (https://lightninginabottle.org/)

The presenters (The Do Lab) of this festival are also the creators of many art installations at Coachella Music Festival. One of their goals is to promote sustainability and express it in a creative way. 

On the venue is electronic dance music, experimental music, folk and devotional music.

3. Boom Festival (Portugal) https://www.boomfestival.org/boom2020/

image credits (https://www.boomfestival.org/)

In the heart of Portugal the Boom Festival mixes music with different disciplines of art such as fine art, sculpture, video, cinema, installation and theatre. The founders priority was to create an event that focuses on community, connectedness to nature and multicultural experience. The electronic music focuses more on the genre psytrance.

4. Splendour in the Grass (Australia) https://splendourinthegrass.com/

image credits (https://splendourinthegrass.com/)

Bringing in all the genres this festival is one of the biggest in australia. Three days full of music, dance and circus workshops, art installations, and a big food and crafts market. The line up is usually full of international stars and just got announced this week.

5. Electric Forest (Michigan) https://electricforestfestival.com/

image credits (https://electricforestfestival.com/)

In the middle of the legendary Sherwood Forest, this festival comes alive during night and turns the scenery in a magical place full of light installations, art and creativity. Carefully curated lineup, spontaneous secret parties and lots of fun are waiting for you this year when Electric Forest is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

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