Environmentally Friendly Summer Beauty Must Haves

The change in summer weather calls for a change in your beauty routine, and there are also additional products you may need to implement to make sure you cover all bases in the heat. Here are 4 beauty must haves and ways to stay eco-friendly while implementing them into your routine.


While you should be wearing sunscreen every day, summertime sun and heat increases the wear for most people. Sunscreen has the potential to hold a lot of dangerous chemicals, for your body and the environment. Luckily, there are a variety of formulas on the market that are enriching rather than damaging. The best option is to go for a mineral sunscreen rather than a chemical shield. Mineral sunscreen is great for anti-aging and is often more protective than chemical. One downfall is the white cast, but most companies are creating sheer zinc mineral sunscreens, even Loreal and Alba available at your drugstore! If you want to keep completely clear, there are still chemical sunscreens, but look for ones that are ozone and reef safe to make sure when you swim in the ocean or spray on the beach, you’re protecting our earth’s beauties. One great brand is Ocean Potion, which is affordable, smells great, and is eco-friendly.



All the sun exposure can make you want to have a bronzed glow, but make sure to protect your skin from UV rays and self tan with products instead! Some self tanners can be full of harmful chemicals, but an organic or natural product will enrich your skin while giving you the desired look. Eco Tan developed in Australia is a fan favorite and gives you that great Australian glow with organic products.


Often times, summer heat leads to more oil production on your skin. While it can be beneficial, there are ways to keep it under control if it gets too heavy or starts to break you out. One way is to use a toner. Sprays are refreshing in the heat, and one that you use on a recycled cotton pad will really target our pores. Calm Skincare has a great eucalyptus and rosemary toner for oily skin that is organic and eco-friendly, refreshing for summer, and smells great! Place it in the fridge and spray throughout the day to freshen up, or screw off the cap to rub on your face after washing.


Heavy moisturizers may cause breakouts in the summer, so trade in your rich creams for a lightweight serum. You’ll still stay moisturized, but the lightweight texture will feel great on the face and deliver the anti-aging or brightening ingredients you need without weighing you down. Vitamin C is one of the best choices for summer because it brightens up any sun damage and allows you to wear lighter coverage face makeup products to let your skin shine through. Glo Skin Daily Power C+ Serum is a potent and popular eco-friendly serum to boost your skin to its best condition.


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