First New Release of 2017: Organic Cotton Capri Pants

With the advent of a new year, we are feeling inspired by the possibilities of beginning another journey around the sun. Here at Tropic Bliss, we are devoted to our feelings of wanderlust and being prepared for any adventures life throws our way — whether it’s signing up for a hot yoga session, booking an island vacation, or exploring a new stretch of park on a daily run. Our staple garment from Tropic Bliss has always been the palazzo pant, but we wanted to create a sister garment that captured an athletic sensibility and married it with versatility and our signature bohemian chic style.

Our new capris

Pants that partner with your lifestyle

Our new capri pants are literally the most flexible, breathable, loveable pants ever. Designed for warm and humid climates, the organic cotton fabric wicks away sweat and encourages a breeziness to cool skin and calm your internal temperature. These pants have an elastic waistband for improved fit, a drop-crotch harem pant style for extra mobility and comfort, plus embellishing pleats and tiny details that get all the style points.

The new capri pants are athleisure at its finest and can keep up with every bit of your hectic (or lounge-y) day - from work to shopping to the beach. While these are made with form and function in mind, we also love the ideas of pairing these bohemian, earth-toned beauties with uptown styling and accessories for a night out.


Our new capris in hunter green:

Our new capris

These pants are our most detailed ever - with a drawstring waist, cozy pockets and a lining at the top to keep them from being see-through. The embellished sides and wooden buttoned calf-cuff all add to the finer details that make these pants great. In fact, they're so great they take nearly 4 hours to make per pair! In a world of fast-fashion and cheap quality, we are trying to pave the way for something more special. Fine craftsmanship is an integral part of our production.

Made with signature fair trade fashion

To keep up with our standards for fair trade fashion, the new capri pants are as ethical as they are smart and stylish. We made fair trade production a top priority during design and development, and as with all of our collection, each garment is accompanied by a hang tag with a picture and name of the seamstress who created them at our production headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our new capri pants will be available on our website and Amazon, beginning late January. It will premier in versatile neutrals – grey, sapphire blue and hunter green. Looking to stock up on more fair trade fashion? Click over to our shop to peruse more tropically fantastic styles.



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