How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

With spring swiftly approaching, you may be wondering how you can incorporate your spring wardrobe pieces slowly, but surely, into your daily lineup of outfits. As the weather warms up and the sun comes out more and more, a burst of fun color is key. Transition fashion can be some of the trickiest, yet also some of the most unique if done correctly. You can still wear your winter clothes, you just have to play with patterns, textures, and silhouettes to achieve transitional fashion perfection.


While winter is marked by a lot of dark solids in shades of black, grey, and brown, spring is known for its bright and fun prints like florals, ginghams, and polka dots. The patterns usually combine fun colors such as pastels or brights. These playful prints may seem like a bit too much in the beginning of the season, but when paired with subtle winter elements, you can achieve a look that balances winter vamp with spring life. Try pairing leather pants with a floral blouse, or go a bit bolder on those sunny days and wear a gingham skirt with a forest green blazer. These looks combine tailoring and fabrics that are all the rage in winter with your favorite prints.


Another great way to transition your winter wardrobe into springtime is to play around with texture. One way to do that is to pair a chunky cable knit sweater with a lighter fabric bottom. This could be a pair of gauzy pants, or a chiffon maxi skirt. Silk is another delicate fabric that is huge for the spring season but pairs elegantly with the chunkier winter materials we know and love. The textures will play off each other and balance the look out. Another look we’ve been loving is the incorporation of winter suede with softer cottons for spring. This could be done by a jacket or a suede skirt, whatever you’ve been loving already for winter. Both looks are great for petite women all the way up to plus size because the dynamics of the textures create a flattering figure and accentuate the best curves.


Finally, mixing silhouettes is a great way to transition styles. Winter is characterized by a lot of fitted items that are tailored, as well as turtlenecks and tight pants. When one thinks spring, it is easy to think of lose items that flow and are comfortable for the weather. A great way to combine silhouettes it to pair a lose pant, like gauchos, with a turtleneck. Gaucho pants add breathability and life to the outfit, while a turtleneck still carries the winter vibe, yet in a boho fresh new way. Tropic Bliss gauchos will help you achieve that style masterpiece, and right now, with the coupon code Gauchos10 you can receive 10% off your next pair to style perfectly with these tips.

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