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The whole world being stuck at home during a pandemic has made us stare into our computer and mobile phone screens more than ever. Social Media is an amazing tool to connect to people that we can’t meet in person and share important information, but it is also a cause of increased anxiety and depression1. Seeking entertainment and knowledge through visual channels like Netflix or YouTube is convenient but it takes a lot of time and is tiring for our eyes. Maybe that’s why more than ever the channel podcast has gained popularity. We’ve done some research to find some sweet examples for all you guys interested in our favorite topic, ethical fashion and made a list of the 5 best.

CONSCIOUS CHATTER with Kestrel Jenkins

After an internship at the London based fair fashion brand “People Tree”, Kestrel used her experience to start her journey of fashion revolution. She talks about the garment industry, environmental friendly alternatives to produce clothes and gives advice for the single person to reach change. 

WARDROBE CRISIS with Clare Press

Clare Press is the sustainable fashion editor of the australian VOUGE and author of the book “The Dressing Table”. By interviewing her guests and providing moments of clarity about the fashion industry and consumer behaviour she is trying to bring more consciousness to all the people interested in the topic2

PRE-LOVED Podcast with Emily Stochl

Emily Stochl the writer of the Brume & Daisy” a vintage lifestyle blog talks about style and weekly interviews her guests about vintage fashion, slow fashion, running a fashion business and how to buy second hand. This show is definitely worth checking out as it’s free, transfers a fresh and friendly mood and is easy to listen to.


This Podcast is made by the UK environmental behaviour change Hubbub and is not only dedicated to sustainable fashion but also sustainable living in general. Structured into various topics and how to make a difference, the 20-30 minute episodes are easy to listen to. The podcast also contains very practical ideas that can actually be amplified in everyday life and has a not too strict tone.

DRESSED - THE HISTORY OF FASHION by Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan

The two fashion historians talk about historical and cultural developments within the fashion industry. It’s a great podcast to learn about the origin of materials, listen to experts talking about current and past issues within the industry and hear more about the evolution of style and design. Dressed is very entertaining and educational at the same time. 




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