Livable Clothing

In a world of trendy fashion, comfort is sometimes put on the backburner. While looking cute is always a goal, focusing on livable clothing that makes you feel good while still looking good will increase your productivity and improve your overall mood. Livable clothes embrace the boho style and may combine lounge wear, athletic wear, or flowing pieces for a comfortable, effortless, and mindful look.

Livable does not mean sloppy or disheveled, you can be incredibly pulled together while still being comfortable. Also, self-care sometimes means prioritizing your comfort, so there’s never a problem with a good pair of sweatpants. If you don’t feel like wearing the joggers, there are plenty of other stylish ways to pull together outfits. You can take your livable outfits in a variety of directions, including workout attire, lounge wear, or meditative clothes for relaxation.


Meditation is a mindful practice that is healthy for the mind, body, ad soul. When reaching that state of mental peace, comfort is also key. Meditation clothing is often boho styled and emphasizes loose fabrics and lightweight breathability. One comfortable and cute combination is to pair a chic parachute style harem pant with a comfortable tank top and layer a cropped sweatshirt on top. This is great because your legs are free, and you can control how hot or cold you are.That way, whether you are meditating, going to class, or running around town, you are always feeling the best.


Naturally, clothing you would wear to exercise are great to live in. Exercise clothing has come. Long way, and yoga wear is still just as comfortable as ever, but also stylish. You can find leggings with lace up sides, cute cotton tanks, pattern sports bras, and sneakers that provide support and look cool! A great yoga outfit that translates to real life pairs fun patterned leggings with a soft knit top that has an open back. Underneath, a strappy sports bra will pull the look together and add some interest and texture. If this feels like too much gym I one outfit, you can always break things up by just wearing the comfortable pants with the sweater, or a yoga top with a favorite pair of worn in jeans.


Lounge pants are one of the simplest comfortable clothes to style for daily life because they come in such versatile styles, fabrics, and colors. One style that won’t let you down is an organic cotton gaucho. The flare legs up the style factor while also enhancing comfort, and they look great paired with anything from a plain white tee to a boho blouse. The best part about loungewear is that is all about customization. Some of us love yoga pants, some prefer a bootcut style, and others love a good flare. 

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