Slow Fashion - A Better Way to Create and Shop

In our last post 7 Tips for buying Ethically Made Clothing we shed light on things that go on at some retail factories. Customers want to buy from brands that are not only honest and transparent, they want clothing that will last. In fact, the "Slow Fashion" movement is hotter than ever.

What is Slow Fashion you ask? It’s the latest term for eco-friendly fashion and it’s been garnering quite a bit of buzz. The official definition, “Slow Fashion is the movement of designing, creating, and buying garments for quality and longevity. Slow fashion encourages slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints, and (ideally) zero waste.”

People are more socially conscious and brands are starting to taking notice. Even notable Fast Fashion brands like H & M and Asos are recognizing how important sustainable fashion is to their customer and are following suit. Developing lines like H & M Conscious and Asos Eco Edit. We did a little digging and wanted to highlight some interesting articles and a few key brands. All of them are fashion forward and trendsetting when it comes to sustainability, employee rights, and fair trade.

My Top 13 Favorite Slow Fashion Brands focused on notable brands and a pioneer of the conscious fashion, Patagonia. Non-Fast-Fashion Brands That Are Just As Good As Zara mentioned two slow brands that believe in transparency Everlane and Reformation. Reformation has a "RefScale" that tracks the environmental impact of every garment.

While Reformation is a great splurge, Everlane offers affordable basics. Their “Choose What You Pay” program that allows you to pay for just production (lowest bucket) a little bit extra to help pay for overhead (mid bucket) or a lot extra to help the company grow.

Finding the perfect wedding dress is usually a treasure hunt, so the search for an Eco-Luxe option can seem like a challenge. The article Ethical fashion: The stylish, eco-friendly brands that you need to know about introduced us to two UK brands for the conscious bride, Minna and Monsoon.

Dress your entire bridal party with Minna which makes its products from sustainable, organic, recycled and locally produced textiles.

Monsoon began in 1973 offering ethically sourced Ready-to-Wear. They have since added Bridal to the assortment. Monsoon’s ethical compliance team regularly checks that their factories are abiding by its Code of Conduct which enforces minimum requirements on working conditions, pay and employment rights.

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