The 5 Must-Have Recycled Fashion Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs

Staying on trend in the fashion world often means fast consumption, but these habits can be destructive to the environment and create more waste. A great way to stay on trend while still reducing environmental impact is to buy recycled fashions. This means more than just a newspaper dress, recycled fashions have become ultra chic and innovative in the ways they re-purpose materials. These 5 options are must-haves to add into your wardrobe to rock recycled pieces. Save the earth, one outfit at a time!

1.    Recycled Swimwear

When swimming in the ocean, it is a great idea to be aware of the trash that unfortunately is floating around too. A great way to counter this is to purchase a bikini made from recycled fish netting. This keeps our oceans clean, recycles materials, and also makes sure you look super stylish in a high quality bikini or swimwear piece.   One brand to check out is Amara, known for minimalist, ethical fashions.


2.    Soda Tab Jewelry

Even your jewelry can be recycled, and a great idea for silver lovers is jewelry made out of soda can tabs.  Bracelet cuffs and necklace collars can be woven with cord and the tabs. These pieces add an extra bit of character and will cause second glances and plenty of compliments on your jewelry. You can find these on Etsy or make on yourself!


3.    Wrapper Purses

Another way to integrate recycled items into your wardrobe is through food wrapper bags and wallets. They come in all sorts or patterns and colors and add a bit of whimsical fun to the look. They are also one of a kind since no two pieces look the same! There are ways to make them yourself, you can often find them at flea markets, or purchase one from Ollin Arm Candy. They have a variety of collections from sports to Hello Kitty. The personalized nature of these accessories is an added bonus.

4.    Sturdy Sneakers

Next time you need a pair of kicks, buy a pair of ecoalf recycled sneakers. These sneakers are sporty, high quality and sturdy, and made from recycled plastic bottles making them eco friendly and lightweight. Looing at these shoes, you would never know they were made from recycled trash items. The site also has shoes made from recycled tired and recycled nylon. Also scope out thrift stores for old denim that you can customize yourself with bleach, cutting, and patches.

5.    Reworked Denim

Another way to add a fashionable recycled piece into your wardrobe is to purchase repurposed denim. This can come in many forms. Old denim jackets can be improved with patches or cut into vests. Old jeans can be distressed and ripped, bleached, or cut into shorts that give new life to the piece. This modernizes old silhouettes and decreases waste. The Urban Renewal section of Urban Outfitters is one mainstream way to purchase these kinds of products.


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