Top 3 Pairs of Fall Pants and How to Style

Autumn styles are showing up everywhere, and it is time to transition your wardrobe around the best key pieces. Fall pants are great to invest in because you can pair them with neutral staples and pieces already in your wardrobe to create versatile looks for the office, the weekend, and beyond.

Organic Cotton Leggings

Organic cotton is the perfect fabric for fall. It's soft, breathable, and super flexible while also being better for the environment. Organic cotton leggings are a great choice for your fall wardrobe because of the versatility they provide as well as the abundance of colors and cuts (not to mention comfort!). Leggings can be worn with tunics, flannel shirts, blouses, or any other piece that you really love. Layer up on top, or just allow the leggings to shine with a simple shirt. One of our favorite outfits pairs leggings with a boho chic tunic and a cozy scarf. A taller pair of boots compliments the leggings.

Palazzo Pants

Often thought of as the pant of summer, palazzo pants are truly a year-round pant. The universality comes from the super chic flared leg, comfortable waistband, and abundance of colors and prints. They can be worn with blazers for a pulled together look, a flowing blouse for a weekend lunch date, or even a leather piece to add a bit of toughness to the look. To make them more fitting for fall, choose a color that is dark or muted rather than a white or bright shade. In addition to black, an emerald green or slate gray color is a statement maker. Fall pants don’t have to be boring; you can even wear a darker pattern. With a pair of delicate booties or ballet flats, you can rock the palazzo all season long. 

High Waisted Straight Leg Trousers

The skinny pant is still present, but a straight leg is becoming the new trend for fall. Straight leg pants that are tapered along the leg are slimming and chic, and the mid to high rise waist is an added bonus that slims the figure with the cinched top. This pair of trouser pants is a great business casual look. Compliment a pair of high-waisted, straight leg trousers with a slim fitting body suit. This tucks in nicely and adds a sleek element to the look. If you are going out, wear a more revealing body suit with a leather jacket on top. For the office, a simple long sleeve paired with some statement jewelry is chic. Don’t forget the pumps or heeled boots!

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