Wanderlust Comfort: What You Need to Be Wearing on Long Haul Flights to Paradise

Wanderlust hits us all, and once we have the means and the urge to travel abroad, there is nothing stopping us from packing our bags and hopping on a plane to paradise.  When taking those long haul flights, not all of us have the luxury of first class. Sleeping and staying comfortable on overnight flights can be difficult, but there are a few things you need to be wearing to stay comfortable and make your journey to paradise all the better.

Palazzo Pants

The biggest key to staying comfortable on a long flight is to wear something on the bottom that is soft, loose, and breezy. Palazzo pants are perfect because they have a loose waist band and ultra wide legs that feel as comfortable as pajamas yet look incredibly stylish and chic. Tropic Bliss palazzo pants are made with organic cotton so they're extra soft and breathable. These bohemian style pants are versatile beyond flights; they can be worn on the beach with sandals or for a night out with some high heels. If you're going to warmer climates, you'll definitely want these in tow.



The next essential you need to be wearing on the flight is a short sleeve shirt or tank top with sweater on top. The shorter underneath shirt is great because you can take the sweater off and stay cool, but the sweater is essential to staying warm in the frigid airplane ac and airport chill. You can wrap the sweater around your neck , use it as a blanket, or even as a pillow folded up. Choose something that is more of a cotton cardigan or wrap rather than a knit sweater.



A scarf is another essential for a comfortable plane ride on your mission to fulfill wanderlust. The more crowded atmosphere of economy class and the shortage of heat and blankets will have you wishing for extra layers. The scarf can be wrapped around your shoulders for warmth, or on top as a blanket. When you aren’t using it for comfort, it can be wrapped around your neck for a fashionable look that pairs perfectly with a sweater and palazzo pants. One final bonus, the scarf can be draped over your head if you would like some extra privacy while sleeping.



One final way to look chic and stay comfortable while flying to your destination is to bring a headband along. Although the messy bun can be pulled off, it often looks sloppy with airplane clothes and also can interfere with leaning back on the headrest. Rather than having a bulge on the back of your head, pull your hair off your face with a headband. A thicker fabric headband will hold your hair back and is much more comfortable than anything hard. Go for a fabric that accents your Palazzo pants for a boho look that will have you soaring the skies in style and comfort.


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