Who Needs Snow? Top 5 Islands to Visit This Holiday Season

The holidays are approaching, and rather than taking the classic snow-filled, ski slope vacation this December, how about going on an island adventure? With the sun shining, the crystal blue water at your feet, and the balmy temps, you won’t be disappointed trading in your snow parka for a swimsuit! Here are our top 5 destinations:

Koh Pha-Ngan- Thailand

The Thai islands are straight out of a book with dreamy castaway beaches full of rustic beach shacks, white sand, and hammocks. Between the palms and the strikingly clear water, you will never want to leave the beach.  Koh Pha-Ngan is known for its monthly Full Moon Party, but has even more to offer. Outside this event, you will find sleepy bungalows at low prices that are charming and right on the water. This pristine island has a large amount of secluded beaches, both in Northern fishing villages and along the east coast.  There are also tranquil Buddhist temples to visit like Guanyin Temple (be sure to change from your beach attire), as well as incredible small group dive and snorkel options. Be sure to catch a sunset while you’re there.


Boracay- Philippines

Boracay is a tourist destination growing in popularity and many are drawn to White Beach -- a long stretch of beach with white sands lined with shops, restaurants, and hotels. This tiny island is one of beauty and preservation with colorful boat rides on paraws, bright nightlife, yet relaxing beach days. Other spots, like the northern Diniwid Beach provides Cliffside hotels, peace, quiet, and privacy. If you like watersports, check out Bulabog beach for lessons or expert practice.

Isla Holbox, Mexico

This tiny island off the Yucatan coast is separated from the mainland by a striking flamingo filled lagoon. With a small population of 2,000 people, you truly will feel secluded and at peace when you walk barefoot on the sands. The tiny homes in town sell fresh produce, and everyone travels by bike. There are small hotels around the island as well as quaint guesthouses, and tiny beach bars and cafes serve authentic and home cooked meals. The pristine beauty of the practically untouched island makes this a worthy getaway if you desire the sun, sand, and seclusion.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a year round, hot getaway that is known for its beautiful sites and rich culture. It is known for spa retreats, clean and bright aesthetics, and even sustainable glamping. The beaches surrounded by rich, lush jungles with hidden horizon pools create a vacation that is down to earth yet still feels luxe. Not sure which beach in Bali to choose? Our personal favorite is Canggu, a chilled out surf town filled muscles and bronze. Sip a coconut and watch the sunset over the beach without a care in the world.

Canggu, Bali


This beautiful island getaway is full of diversity and lush tropical paradise. You can explore a hidden cove; hike the rainforests or snorkel to see the beautiful wildlife. While there are many resorts, you can also find boutique hotels run by families along the beach, leading for a much more down to earth experience.

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