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Tie Shorts - Organic Cotton, Gray

Tie Shorts - Organic Cotton, Gray

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  • Made in limited quantities 
  • 100% organic cotton, strong woven material
  • Sizes based on US sizing charts

These casual, organic cotton shorts for women are made with woven cotton that stretches at the waist in the back and is flat in the front for a more flattering look that won’t squeeze your stomach. If you are between sizes, we recommend going up.

Tropic Bliss clothing is fair trade and ethically sourced. We produce all of our clothing in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in a boutique sewing workshop. By producing in small quantities with great attention to detail, we are able to deliver higher quality garments than can be found elsewhere. You can see the difference, from the fabrics we use to every detail of the stitching.

Great for summer outfits, casual clothes, vacation wear and festival clothes.


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